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Many people try reflexology as their foray into the world of massage,finding the treatment more relaxing than a general massage.During the treatment ,clients are only required to relax and expose their feet to the reflexologist.Treatment components also include soft music ,enssence oil and soft lighting,which combine to create a drowsy effect.Clients often fall asleep and describe the experience as the most relaxing hours of thier day.After the treatment ,they describe themselves as having a 'refresh walk'.Approximately 75% of all illnesses are said to be related to stress .Stress can lead to headaches,neck and shoulder stiffness,as well as contracting the common cold and the more serious influenza."Prevention is better than the cure" It is said and so it is not suprising to see the growing popularity of reflexology as a means of relieving stress.



The Javanese massage originated from Indonesia. It is another significant type of Asian massage. This uses all parts of therapists hand, which includes the knuckles, fingers and palms to knead and massage the muscles. This treatment Is a facilitated by using massage oil. The Javanese massage help release tension,alleriates back pain and helps in the healing of fractures. This is probably the most robust (and even painful) type of Asian massage. However it has tremendous benefits for your overall health and well-being.



Javanese Reflexology

Javanese Reflexology

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Javanese Reflexology ( 40 mins)
  • Consist of strecthing foot & massage for increase the blood circulation reduce muscle tension and relaxation foot.
Foot-Thight Reflexology ( 40 mins )
  • Consist of strecthing foot & massage from toe to thight for increase the blood circulation reduce muscle tension and relaxation foot.
Javanese Reflexology ( 60 mins )
  • Consist of strecthing foot & massage foot and neck & shoulder massage.Function increase the blood circulation ,reduce the muscle tension.
Javanese Foot Scrub + Foot Reflexology ( 70 mins )
  • Consist of scrub stretching foot ,massage foot.Remove the dead cell .increase the blood circulation ,reduce the muscle tension.
Javanese Body Massage + Javanese Lulur Scrub ( 90 mins )
  • Experiencing the natural ingredients of Javanese Lulur Scrub followed by Javanese Body Massage using palm pressure with mixture Herbal Oil applied with long firm strokes and focus on deep tissue.
Javanese Body Massage ( 60 min / 90 min / 120 mins )
  • A Blissful Touch of Traditional Head to Toe Massage which works on muscle and nerve pathways to encourage blood circulation and aids the removal of toxins by way of stimulating the lymphatic system and works to relax tensed muscle. This massage also treats all sorts of medicinal conditions from aches, pains, fractures to indigestion and heartburn.
Javanese Body Massage + Ginger Herb Wrap ( 90 mins )
  • This treatment massage is used to alleviate pain or inflammation by opening the pores and bringing a medicinal heat to the muscles to induce relaxation. It is believed to calm nerves and redirect energy vital for health. Fresh ginger is traditionally used in Javanese healing treatments - it is believed to moisturize, stimulate circulation and impart warmth to the body. Watch out for some real heat but leave feeling better than believed possible.
Signature Treatment ( 60 mins )
(Javanese Foot Scrub,Foot Reflex and Shoulder Neck Massage)
  • Consist of foot scrub,foot Reflex and Shoulder Neck Massage help to improve blood and nerve supply,fostering a resoration of the body's natural state of equilibrium.
Malay Herbal Compress ( 120 min )
  • The complex blend of herbs found in the heated compress have been traditionally used to relax the body and mind,alleriate muscle tension and boost energy level.Experience the body exfoliation .Herbal oil and body scrub followed by herbal compress ball and Javanese Traditional Massage for total rejuvenation.
Break Breaker ( 30 min )
  • Fatigue, tension and poor posture often result in back and shoulder ache. Ease the kinks and smooth out the knots with our specially designed Back Breaker massage.
Stress Buster ( 30 min)
  • If your stressful day in the office results in mind-numbing migraines and tension headaches, you will appreciate a quick, Stress Buster head and shoulder rubdown to ease the agony and help the body naturally relax.
Hand Massage ( 30 min )
  • Massage on ginger to arm.Help to reliave tired hands.
Head Massage ( 30 min )
  • Massage from head to neck.Relieve headache & shep neck.
Tired Feet Massage ( 30 min)
  • There is nothing like a invigorating yet pleasurable foot and leg rub after a long day of being on your feet. Let us stimulate the right accupressure points with a long, firm strokes to put the spring back into your step.
Javanese Foot Scrub ( 30 min )
Javanese Body Scrub ( 30 min )
  • A traditional beauty ritual from the royal palaces of Central Java, Indonesia. Famed for its beautifying and the softening benefits on the skin. A body masque of herbs, roots, spices or flowers is applied , allowed to dry and rubbed off.
Pre Natal Massage ( 90 min )
  • Gentle body massage lying sideway.Help to relieve back ache,leg cramp,reduce water retention,improve blood circulation.If done regularly easy for child birth.
Post Natal Massage ( 3 days-/5 days-/7 days)

  • A popular Traditional method now used by many to help mother-to-be soothe sore back and leg muscles. Post Natal Massage, an Indonesian beauty remedy helps to regain slender figure shortly after childbirth and this is widely attributed to the bengkung treatment. The bengkung is a long abdominal sash that is bound tightly round the abdomen and hip areas and is believed to help rid of the body excess wind, restore muscle tone, flush toxins and strengthen the new mother. It is also said to stimulate the body's lymphatic system thus quickening the process by which the mother shed the extra weight put on during her pregnancy.

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